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Meet responsibilities are as shown on the Responsibility List.


Order of Events will be same as for Dual Meets, except that there will be NO 50's and the High Jump is not scheduled.


Long Jump and Shot Put: Coaches are responsible for submittal of a list of their competitors to the event coordinator at the time of the Coachesí Meeting. Competition will run continuously from the start of the meet until the end of the Senior Girl 4 X 100 relay. Active competitors (individuals with at least one recorded jump including fouls) may complete their remaining jumps, but no new competitors will be allowed. The League Coordinator will collect all Event Sheets, and provide results to each team the week following the meet.


An individual cannot compete in more than three events.


In general, there is no limit on the number of competitors a team may enter into each event. Common sense should rule (e.g., please do not enter your entire Junior Boy team in the Long Jump, since you havenít had time to screen them yourselves due to a wet pit .. )


Each team is responsible for timing their own competitors; there will be no Official Timers.


The marshaling area will be located in the center of the field near the finish line. All athletes should listen for the announcement of events and report to the marshaling area promptly.



The marshaling area, starting line area, and long jump area MUST BE KEPT CLEAR of team members not being lined up, non-competitors, parents, and other spectators - thatís what the bleachers are for. All coaches are expected to assist in enforcing compliance - No coach is expected to be part of the problem!