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                              Agenda – Coaches Kickoff Meeting    Friday March 14, 2003


General Information:




                                                                        All schools not listed below…..

                                    Large Schools - Lakewood

                                                Holy Family Hazlet

                                                Holy Family Lakewood

                                                St. Leos

                                                St. Marys (NM)

                                                St James

                                                St Catharines

There will be no makeup date in the event of rain


5/18 Championships, Rain Date 5/22 (pending status of Lakewood Track)





Item 1

Suggestion on starting these meets 1/2 hr earlier....  

Relay carnival – 9A

Championships =9:30 (field)  ; 10:30 (running)

Item 2
             Any rules changes/corrections?

Item 3
             Outside help for Championships.  Last year was a fiasco.   How do we improve it?   Recruit non-affiliated help?   Who, how many, suggestions....            

Item 4

            The Board is looking for volunteers


Other Items….


Adjourn and complete calendar