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March 19, 2003                                                                                  



Notes from Kickoff Meeting:


  • All schools were represented.   Thanks for your participation!!!


  • League fees were received by many.  If you did not submit your check please send it directly to Sean.   (Schools who have not paid their fees will be ineligible for the Relay Carnival and the Championships)


  • Responsibilities lists passed around.  These will be posted to the Web site.


  • R.C and C.M.  meets will start earlier (9 and 9:30 respectively)  Sean provided a heads up on proposed changes from Trenton which may affect the ability for any meets to begin before noon.  (Not this season, possibly the next.   For Track and XC this could have a significant impact…)


  • In response to the issues from the last Championships, several ideas were implemented:


    1. Formation of a Championship Sub Committee:

                        Pete Wilkens

                        Craig Lynch

                        Arlene Jensen

                        Lou Liberatore

                        Jim McMillan

This group will meet around the end of April to determine what issues are open and how they may be resolved.  The remainder of the League will comply with the Boards decision.  It is anticipated that the majority of the issues will have to do with checks and balances as well as organization.


2.    Addition of 1 to 2 certified officials to the meet.  John O’Rourke will be contacted by Greg Vasil for availability.  His participation in the Championship Committee will be requested.  His opinion will also be sought regarding the need for additional officials.


     3.     Discussion of an independent ‘judge’ at the finish line to address any protest issues that might arise.  The decision on this will be make by the committee and O’Rourke.


  • Lou put the League on alert regarding Board replacements after this year.  While no one jumped to the cause, it is important for all to keep in mind that the current Board may not always be ‘available to serve’   (As an aside, other forms of organization, could be instituted as a substitute)   All comments are welcome…
  • Regarding the High Jump, the discussion came down to equipment and time to practice.  Lou (St Benedicts) and Jean (St. Leos) offered the use of their facilities for all schools for HJ practice if desired.   The hours and days are as follows:

                                                St. Bens – Saturday 11 to 12

                                                St Leos  -  Thursday 5 to 6 (in the St Leos Gym starting 4/10)


      If other schools wish to extend this offer, please contact me.


As usual, the “Dual Meet Bazaar” provided great entertainment.



Jim McMillan