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Notes for Recorder


Bring Clipboard and stopwatch

Be careful - there are two Holy Familys, two St. Marys, and two St. Roses .. !

.. the Distance races are no problem - group start and the first six across the finish line get medals. 

.. for the 200/400/400R, we need the top-six times.  Some of them will on occasion come from the 2nd or subsequent heats; make sure the timers stay focussed.

 .. for the 50's and 100's; for the preliminary qualifying heats, I only need places 1-4 recorded.  Depending on the quality of the timers I get, it will not be unusual to see 4th place times faster than 3rd place times (e.g.) in the same heat (especially in the 50's) .. Selection by the Pickers dictate place; not time!!  You should time the 4th place times in the qualifying heats as a “sanity check” on the official timers so if things are out of whack, you can arbitrate and resolve problems .. if times don’t make sense relative to placement, you may have to “adjust” times accordingly (in general, make fast time slower; not vice-versa).. 

After Marshaling is complete, the Runner (50, 100, 200) or Marshaling Guide is supposed to bring you the Event Form. 

Signal starter when timers are ready; you time race also (backup) 

Record times to two decimal points; record 400m times as 74.36 (not as 1'14.26). 

Prelims - I need forms for seeding finals 

For Sprint Finals, and all other races only need to record top seven times (medals awarded to top six).  Remember that the Picker’s placement takes precedent over time. 

Bring (or send)  completed forms to scoring table


provide copy of Marshall Card

provide copy of Timer/Picker Notes

provide examples of 100; 400; and distance forms and discuss