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Meet Scoring Notes


Each event has a scoring form that will be given to the Scorer by the Recorder.  The form will indicate 1st Place, 2nd Place, etc. but the Scorer should give the form a sanity check anyway.   Any questions, ask me ... lots of time for checking and scoring during the meet; things only get a little hectic at the end when the final tallys are compiled). 


Be careful - there are two Holy Familys, two St. Marys, and two St. Roses .. !


After receipt and review of the Event Forms, the Scorer transfers the results to the “Group Scoring Form” where a cumulative total is maintained.  Subtotal checks help to minimize the introduction of errors.  Two independent sets of forms should be maintained throughout the Meet also to catch mistakes and eliminate errors.   Examples are attached which illustrate the process. 


Hold all forms for my inspection.  After my check, the event medal winners can be announced, and then the forms are given to the Medals’ table.


At the conclusion of the meet; the group totals for each school are transferred to the Final Summary where you hope and pray everything adds up.  At that time, I’ll be at your side to help..



Provide with Examples

Provide with Recorder Notes