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Notes for Medals Coordinator

The Medal Coordinator will set up "shop" inside the restricted area next to the Scoring table.  When the Meet Scoring is complete, the Event Forms (example attached) showing who won what will be passed to the Medal Coordination Table. 

Two forms are used for tracking the award of medals:  Each team has an individual form and there is also an overall meet compilation form (examples attached - forms for each team will be provided for your use at the Meet).  On receipt of the Event Form from the Scorers, Team Forms and the Meet Compilation Form will be updated as applicable - use a pencil .. results may change due to Inquiries ..  

The Medals Coordinator should provide each team with a bag (e.g., a brown grocery store bag) to collect their medals.   A listing of participating teams is shown on the Meet Summary Form.  In addition, medium-sized baggies or envelopes should be used to sort the team's medals by groups (JB, JG, etc.).    

Medals will only be awarded at the end of the Meet while the final scoring tabulation is taking place.  Only a Coach with Credentials may pick up a team's medals.  They sign the Meet Summary Form, and in turn receive their Team's Summary Form plus the bag of medals. 

At the end of the Meet, give all Event Forms, the Meet Summary Form, and any extra medals to the Meet Coordinator. 

Be careful - there are two Holy Familys, two St. Marys, and two St. Roses .. ! 

Provide examples of Medals' Tracking Forms

Provide example of a completed Event Form