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Meet responsibilities are as shown on the Responsibility List

Events, in order, include:

100 Dash (4th grade & under)(Small Schools only)
Sprint Medley (100-100-200-400)
Distance Medley (600-200-400-800)
300 Run (4th grade & under)
4 X 100 (100-100-100-100)
4 X 200 (200-200-200-200)-The Small School 4 X 200 will be an all-group event
(order of relay = JB-JG-SB-SG)

Long Jump (enter as individuals, judging based on combination of best efforts; two individuals per team)

Shot Put (same as Long Jump)

High Jump (not held)

Long Jump and Shot Put: Coaches are responsible for submittal of a list of their competitors to the event coordinator at the time of the Coaches' Meeting. Competition will run continuously from the start of the meet until the end of the Senior Girl 4 X 100 relay. Active competitors (individuals with at least one recorded jump including fouls) may complete their remaining jumps, but no new competitors will be allowed.

An individual cannot compete in more than three events

All races will be run in sections with times dictating winning teams. Medals will be awarded to the first three places in each event.

The marshaling area will be located in the center of the field near the finish line. All athletes should listen for the announcement of events and report to the marshaling area promptly. Seeding cards will not be required but multiple entries from individual teams should be identified as "A team", "B team", etc. PLEASE - all relay team members must know which team they are on and which leg of the relay they are to run (stick-on labels attached to competitors shirts showing this information are highly recommended)



The marshaling area, starting line area, and long jump area MUST BE KEPT CLEAR of team members not being lined up, non-competitors, parents, and other spectators - thatís what the bleachers are for. All coaches are expected to assist in enforcing compliance - No coach is expected to be part of the problem!





1st lap - all relays except Distance Medley - run in lanes with staggers (like regular dual meet 4X400's).

The Distance Medley will be run like a distance race with a group start - no lanes.


After 1st lap, runners should cut to rail

Handoffs: if receiving baton at end of 1st lap or anytime after 1st lap is completed ...

face inward
receive baton in left hand
after 1st lap, team in lead has "rights" to inside lane
receiver should line up with incoming runner; move in as leading runners leave