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MARCH 15, 2000

Meeting Notes

I. League Structure

OLMC (Asbury Park); new in '99 is out for '00; St. Catherines's and St. Denis are back after a year's absense; St. Ann's (K'Burg) has joined.
New Coaches are from St. James, St. Leo's, St. Agnes, St. Al's, St. Mary's (Deal)
Coaches Index is attached; check for missing or incorrect info!
Eleven teams paid the League Fee; much appreciated. Outstanding League Fees should be submitted ASAP (no later than Developmental Meet) - make check out to "MOPTL" (or "Monmouth-Ocean Parochial Track League" if you prefer).
League Website ( will be updated throughout season. It was noted that space is available for Team Pages

II. League Rules

Revised for 1999 to include excerpts for Long Jump and Shot Put rules.
All were reminded to read/reread the rules and get familiar with them

III. Schedule

If a team is not going to attend a League Meet, please notify Ron Wrucke ASAP ...

Developmental Meet

  • date = 4/2 at St.John Vianney (directions attached).
  • Diane Halligan volunteered to act as Meet Coordinator
  • coaches mtg @ 10:00, meet starts @ 10:30
  • because of impact on meet length, "special" events for the 4th grade & under's not scheduled
  • long jump and shot put events will remain open until start of Senior Girl 4X100 Relay after which no new competitors will be allowed - provide entry list to event coordinators at Coaches' Meeting
    high jump not scheduled

    Responsibilitity List attached - please review


    Relay Carnival .

    date = 4/16 (rain date = 5/7); Locations = SJV & Ft. Monmouth (directions attached); Small School Meet Coordinator = St. Agnes
    two meets will be held as follows based on points scored at last years Championship Meet
    "Large" Schools

    St. John Vianney

    "Small" Schools

    Ft. Monmouth Field

    St. Mary's (NM) 121 St. Agnes 42
    St. Leo's 70 St. Mary's (D) 30
    St. Rose 67.5 St. Benedict's 25
    St. James 67 Holy Cross 10
    Holy Family (L) 63 St. Veronica's 6
    Holy Family (H) 57.5 St. Peter's 3
    All New Schools
    Large School Meet: coaches mtg @ 10:00, meets start @ 10:30
    Small School Meet: coaches mtg @ 9:00, meets start @ 9:30
    Meet rules were provided
    4th & under 300s - Small School Ribbon Coordinator = Linda Feerst
    no high jump
    Responsibilitity List attached - please review

    It was agreed that small schools having difficulty forming relays because of too few participants could "join forces" to provide more children the opportunity to run. Linda Feerst will coordinate this effort. Any coach finding themselves in a situation where they don't have enough participants to form a relay should contact Linda as much in advance as possible.

    Championship Meet

    date = 5/21; Location = Lakewood HS (rain date = Thursday; 5/25)
    CM Team Roster - send by e-mail or fax (if at all possible) by Monday night, May 15
    Time: Jr. HJ and Sr. LJ @ 10:00; Coaches Mtg @ 10:30; 1st running event starts @ 11:00
    Responsibilitity List attached - please review

    Regular Meets

    A scheduling session was held at the end of the meeting. All coaches were requested to put their schedule in a legible format and send to Ron Wrucke.

    IV. Budget Review

    The 1999 Final Budget is attached - Balance carried over is $1011.599 (up $170)

    The Preliminary 2000 Budget is attached ...

    League Fee (unchanged) = $175
    Two Relay Carnivals w/ medals for 1-3 place
    Championship Meet
    Medals 1-6 place;
    Group trophies 1-3
    Team trophies 1-4

    Kathy Kohan Volunteered to arrange for pickup of Championship Meet trophies - medals for Relay Carnival and Championship meet will be shipped to coordinator in advance for processing.

    VI. League Issues

    Limitation of on-field people - Two coaches per team
    Written Inquiry process will be utilized.
    Line up experienced helpers for League Meets in advance and Do Not do anything yourself !!
    Be on time for Coach's meeting
    Home meet responsibilities --- know what they are and be ready
    Communicate with other coaches 
    Know your track (50's & 100's)
    Record times (you need to know who's improving; the kids need to know they're improving, and I need good qualifying times for the CM