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Guidelines for High Jump and Long Jump - While the High Jump (Juniors) and Long jump (Seniors) has been scheduled to be started before the running events in order to reduce interruptions, the “follow-on event” (Senior High Jump and Junior Long Jump) often poses conflicts once the running portion of the meet has begun. This Word document is intended to provide some guidelines for the procedures to be followed in these situations.

Marshall Notes

Recorder Notes

Timer & Picker Notes

Meet Scoring Notes

Medal Coordinator Notes

Directions to Various Facilities used by the League If you are looking for the location of a New Jersey high school not included on the "Directions" web page, try High School Maps Online

Relay Handoffs - a Procedure that Works -- There are many ways to work that baton around the track, but some work better than others especially when working with grade school children. This procedure is a good one since it is easy for the kids to understand the basic concepts, and it works in practice as well as theory.

Learn to High Jump -- In track, kids generally know how to run, and the long jump and shot put are usually pretty intuitive as well. The High Jump, however, is usually a new experience for all, unless they were out for the team in previous years. This page explains the dynamics of the event - how to approach the bar and how to jump - with a focus on key aspects such at the gather, the plant, the pivot and getting the body over the bar. Just as important, how to teach the event is also discussed in quite a bit of detail.