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For Cross Country League Information, Click Here 

League News

2007 League Board

President    Mike Lunny
Treasurer    Sean Kerrisk
Championship Meet     Jim McMillan

Many thanks to the above volunteers - no Board; no League!

  League Coordination is not an easy task - please give this year's Board your total support during the season.


2007 Kickoff Meeting Scheduled for March 14 at St. Leo's Parish Hall


The Monmouth-Ocean Parochial Track League has been in existence for over 30 years and currently consists of 19 teams as listed below.


Space can be made available on this site for School-Specific pages, or a school website can be linked - Contact the webmaster for information or assistance 
Website NORTH SOUTH Website
  Holy Cross Holy Family (Lakewood)


  Holy Family (Hazlet) Holy Innocents (Neptune)  
  OLPH St. Aloysius  
  St. Agnes St. Catharine's (Spring Lake)  
  St. Ann's St. Mary's (Deal)  
  St. Benedict's St. Peter's  
  St. James St. Rose (Belmar)  


St. Leo's St. Rose of Lima (Freehold)  


St. Mary's (New Monmouth) St. Veronica's  

  Some interesting league history:

bullet In 1974, the league had seven teams - Holy Cross, St. Ben's, St. Catharine's (SL), St. Denis, St. Dom's, St. Jerome's, and St. Mary's (NM) (source:  notes of League Kickoff Meeting dated 2/27/74). Officers were Vince Trelka, President, Tom Hoberg, Treasurer, and Bruce Goodwin, Secretary.
bullet In 1975, the league expanded to ten teams - the new teams were St. James, St. Joe's, and St. Veronica's. (source: notes of League Kickoff meeting dated 3/18/75)
bullet Until the 1977 season, the longest Dual Meet running event for the Juniors was the 220.  Senior Girls ran the 440 while the Senior Boys ran the 880.  The distance evolution is as follows:
bullet 1977 - Senior Girls added the 880
bullet 1978 - Juniors added the 440
bullet 1979 - Juniors added the 880 and the Seniors added the Mile
bullet 1986 - Juniors added the 1200
bullet In 1984, most tracks were converted to a metric layout - the mile became the 1600m, and the 880 became the 800.



A team consists of four groups - Junior Boys / Girls (grades 5 - 6)(some teams start younger) and Senior Boys / Girls (grades 7 - 8). Running events currently include 50 meter (juniors only), 100 meter, 200  meter, 400 meter, 800 meter, 1200 meter (juniors only) and 1600 meter (seniors only) runs plus a 4 x 100 relay. Field events are the long jump, high jump and shot put (seniors only). Some teams don't have access to high school facilities and consequently don't compete in all field events. The season, which runs from late March through late May, consists of dual/tri meets between individual teams plus the league-sponsored Developmental Meet, Relay Carnivals, and Championship Meet. See the Team Information page for additional information pertaining to development of a new team.  


League Information

Kickoff Meeting


   Meeting held on March 15, 2006, 7:30 pm at St. Leo's Parish Center dining room.   Click HERE to obtain a copy of the Meeting Minutes


bullet League Rules

General Rules pertaining to participation and meet conduct including excerpts from National Federation Rules pertaining to High Jump, Long Jump and Shot Put.   Rules specific to the conduct of the Championship Meet are also included.  

bullet Developmental Meet Rules
bullet Relay Carnival Rules (including some guidelines and suggestions)

League-Sponsored Meets: Meet Status and Responsibility Lists

Developmental Meet scheduled for April 9, 9:00 am, at the following locations:

bullet North Meet at SJV
bullet South Meet at Lakewood HS

Relay Carnivals scheduled for April 30, 9:00 am, at the following locations:

bullet Large Schools at Lakewood HS
bullet Small Schools at SJV
Relay Carnival Responsibilities  - Click to see updated Lists (Large School/Small School) for the 2006 season
Relay Carnival Long Jump and Shot Put Forms  - Print out forms (click Long Jump and/or Shot Put to view) or download form in Excel format - right-click the following links and use "save as" to download the file to your computer (just remember where you put them!).

Long Jump Form - right-click here
Shot Put Form - right-click here

2006 Meet Results:   This year's meet results have been compiled and posted; For the second time in two years, a meet record was set in the Small School Competition - the St. Rose of Lima Senior Boys set a new standard in the Sprint Medley with a time of 1' 49.9" .. excellent running!!  St. Mary's NM Senior Boys and Senior Girls also set new records in the Distance Medley with times of 5' 32.8" and 6' 12.0" respectively .. amazing times!  An updated Record List is linked up down in the Archives & Records Section.

2006 Small School Meet Event Results (click to view)

2006 Large School Meet Event Results (click to view)

SJV Lancer Invitational scheduled for May 2 (note - this is not a league meet)

Pee-Wee Championship scheduled for May 18 (5:30 pm) at the Antrum School in Point Pleasant

Championship Meet scheduled for May 21 at Lakewood HS (Rain date 5/25) - event timing info provided in the Kickoff Meeting Minutes.

bullet Championship Meet Responsibilities - Click to see update list for the 2006 Season - Each coach should check out their team's assignments, and start training their volunteers from the first meet of the season.  Coaches should also check out the following Notes, to the extent they apply to their assigned responsibilities, print them out, and give them to their volunteers so they understand their roles long before they walk onto the field the day of the Meet.
bullet Championship Meet Tips, Hints, and How-To-Do-Its

Guidelines for High Jump and Long Jump - While the High Jump (Juniors) and Long jump (Seniors) has been scheduled to be started before the running events in order to reduce interruptions, the “follow-on event” (Senior High Jump and Junior Long Jump) often poses conflicts once the running portion of the meet has begun.  This Word document is intended to provide some guidelines for the procedures to be followed in these situations.

bullet Marshall Notes
bullet Recorder Notes
bullet Timer & Picker Notes
bullet Meet Scoring Notes
bullet Medal Coordinator Notes
bullet Examples of Event Forms (note: forms are images approx. 50K in size)
bullet 50/100 
bullet 200/400/400R
bullet Distance
bullet Championship Meet Entry Form: Rosters for the Championship Meet must be provided for seeding by noon on the Wednesday before the Meet.  Please use the forms provided in this section.  If the Microsoft forms provided below don't work for you (i.e., you are using a Mac), just print out the linked form in the heading of this paragraph.   While viewing the form, change your browser fonts to the smallest available option and the form should print out on a single page (you may also have to adjust page setup options to minimize top and bottom margins).  If you would like to download the form for your use (highly recommended) right-click either of the following links and use "save as" to download the file to your computer (just remember where you put it!).
bullet Download Form in Microsoft Word format - right-click here
bullet Download Form in Microsoft Excel format  - right-click here
bullet 2006 Championship Meet Results   St. Mary's took home the Championship Meet 1st place trophy with a score of 120.5 points and also captured both Senior Boy and Senior Girls 1st Place trophies.  Holy Cross, with 77 points, won 2nd place Team while winning the Junior Girl competition.  Third place team went to Holy Family of Lakewood with 61 points, and they also took 1st place in Junior Boys.   Other team trophies went to St. James and St. Rose of Freehold for 4th and 5th place, respectively.  New meet records were set by Julia Lista (Holy Cross) in the JG-50, Jen Lipuma (Holy Family Lakewood) in the JG High Jump, and Kevin Byrne (St. Rose of Lima) in the SB-200.  Click on the results link above for all meet results (Team, Group, and Individual).  The Record List link is in the Records and Archives area below.

General Information

bullet Coaches' Index for 2006   :

This index has been updated for 2006.  Please contact the webmaster if there are revisions or mistakes - e-mail link at the bottom of page.

bullet Directions to Various Facilities used by the League

If you are looking for the location of a New Jersey high school not included on the "Directions" web page, try High School Maps Online.

bullet Relay Handoffs - a Procedure that Works

There are many ways to work that baton around the track, but some work better than others especially when working with grade school children. This procedure is a good one since it is easy for the kids to understand the basic concepts, and it works in practice as well as theory.

bullet The High Jump - How to Jump and How to Teach It

Selected as Site of the Week

In track, kids generally know how to run, and the long jump and shot put are usually pretty intuitive as well.  The High Jump, however, is usually a new experience for all, unless they were out for the team in previous years.  This page explains the dynamics of the event - how to approach the bar and how to jump - with a focus on key aspects such at the gather, the plant, the pivot and getting the body over the bar.  Just as important, how to teach the event is also discussed in quite a bit of detail.



 Archives and Records

bullet Championship Meet Records (thru 2006)

bullet Relay Carnival Records (thru 2006)
bullet 5th Place Times  (updated to include the 2005 Meet results)

This link takes you to a compilation of 5th place records from Championship Meets dating back to 1984. The file is big, so it may take a while to load up, but if you're into statistics and data you will probably find this interesting. The compilation was initially developed to help pick Championship Meet Team Wildcards; it could still serve that purpose ... ??

bullet Championship Meet Results

1999 Championship Meet Results   St. Mary's (New Monmouth) won the overall team competition, as well as the Senior Boy and Senior Girl competitions. St. Leo's won the Junior Boys while St. Rose came out on top in the Junior Girls competition. 

2000 Championship Meet Results   St. Mary's (New Monmouth) won the overall team competition, as well as the Senior  Girl competition. St. Leo's won the Junior Boys while Holy Family (Lakewood) came out on top in the Junior Girls competition.   St. Catharine's Senior Boys won their division.

2001 Championship Meet Results   St. Catharine's took home the Championship Meet 1st place trophy, and also won 1st place in Junior Girls Competition.  St. Leo's captured 2nd place Team and 1st place Senior Boys.  St. Agnes and St. Mary's (NM) won the Junior Boys and Senior Girls, respectively. 

2002 Championship Meet Results  St. Catharine's took home the Championship Meet 1st place trophy.  St. Leo's captured 2nd place Team as well as a 1st place tie in Senior Boys with Holy Family (Hazlet).  St. Mary's (NM) was right behind in 3rd place with 86 points, and won the Junior  Girls.  The Junior Boy competition was won by St. James, while Holy Family (Hazlet) won the Senior Girls.

2003 Championship Meet Results  St. Mary's took home the Championship Meet 1st place trophy.  St. Mary's captured 1st Place trophies in both the Junior Girl and Senior Girl competitions.   St. Catharine's captured 2nd place Team as well as 1st place in Senior Boys.  St. Leo's ended up in 3rd place and won the Junior Boy competition.

2004 Championship Meet Results  St. Mary's took home the Championship Meet 1st place trophy with a score of 153 points.  St. Mary's won with good team balance, capturing 1st Place trophies in both the Junior Boy and Senior Girl competitions.  St. Catharine's, with 95.5 points, captured 2nd place Team as well as 1st place in Junior Girls and Senior Boys.  Other team trophies went to St. Bens, St. Rose of Belmar, and St. Leo's for places 3rd through 5th respectively.

2005 Championship Meet Results   St. Mary's took home the Championship Meet 1st place trophy with a score of 115.5 points and also captured the Senior Girls 1st Place trophy.  St Benedicts, with 91 points, won 2nd place Team and tied for 1st place in the Senior Boy competition with St. Anns.  Third place team went to St. Catharines with 77.5 points, who won both the Junior Boys and Junior Girls.  Other team trophies went to Holy Family (Lakewood) and St. Leos for 4th and 5th place, respectively. 


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